Platforms come and go. Good Stories Last Forever

Being a multinational entertainment and media group, owner of major subsidiaries, such as from Canal+ Group, producer, distributor, and creator of top grossing films, and TV series, Universal Music Group, the leader of recorded, published music, merchandising, through to owned venues, event ticketing, and one of the biggest video hosting platforms, Dailymotion with over 3.5 billion video viewed each month, Vivendi was has the resource to redefine and shape how we market.

By using this vast database of talent, artists and productions, in this social change, Vivendi can be the first to build upon the connections we have with music, artists, film franchises and its’ characters as opportunities for brands to be able to reach an already fan base.

With key marketing, and creative figures present at the world’s annual advertising awards festival at Cannes, it gives the ideal opportunity to make Vivendi’s presence known and Vivendi’s For Brands offer be expressed and considered as the alternative to move forward for brands. Vivendi has the talent, it has its channels, producers, publishers, its venues, and together with brands, Vivendi can tell your brand story.


To launch Vivendi to a new, but well established marketing and advertising industry, I produced an identity that was to be bold and branded not to be forgotten. People have heard of big named artists and stars, however, not many are aware that they come under the Vivendi umbrella. To tell the Vivendi For Brands story by spatial design, I designed structurally how our space would best fit to tell the narrative, taking in consideration of the flow of people traffic at the Cannes Lions Festival.

Being beside two main arena stages, as an entertainment media and content group, I wanted the space to be fluid and not be trapped to deliver information in a conservative way. We edited show reels to deliver messaging on the screens, highlighting and reminding Vivendi were responsible for such big names. By demonstration, if you had heard or knew of what you had seen, then already, we had engagement with you.

We added a live element to our space, by creating a branded stage and set up studio space for live filming. Ongoing exclusive interviews with key marketing experts and CEO of many brands, upon our bespoke set attracted audiences after seminars to come and watch and listen in to insights and predictions of what was to come in our communication industry in the digital age.

The backbone of our story lies in the infographic I created to explain the complexities of how big Vivendi is, and what capabilities and global presence we have in entertainment, in its simplest terms visually. With impressive statistics of engagement impact, it vital using typography for impact to support the opportunities that could be brought for brands.

I developed the presentation to be given by Vivendi’s L.Boyle, offering entertaining graphics and style to support the telling of Vivendi’s story, presenting concisely how ad breaks are considered as an annoyance on digital devices, how great percentage of people cannot recall the ads from the previous year’s Super Bowl, or how artists are greatly followed on social media, forming conversations as brands themselves, becoming a channel itself, on how branded entertainment can create fan-touch points, and be identified in a user journey.


Breaking into the critical audience of Cannes Lions Festival, was going to be tough. Our space, stirred great awareness and generated big follow-ups for Vivendi, which is very commendable being our first launch. The feedback to Vivendi HQ, Paris, projected positivity and very impressionable to those who visited our space and attended our talk. Vivendi are to re-join the festival the following year.




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