Breaking traditional boundaries in the sporting bid industry with a creative approach,

led by Athletes and Olympians like no-bid before

Streamed globally, Paris’ persuasive pitch broke traditional of geographic photography and standard speeches, having reached the final phase, of the IOC two-year regulated bid process. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Paris 2024 Bid co-Chair and three-time Olympic Champion, Tony Estanguet and Paris 2024 CEO and champion Étienne Thobois, delivered in TedTalk style, the brave conceptual executions of “Why Paris” stirring the panel of decision makers for the host of the biggest sporting event to arrive.



Selected by Paris NOC (National Olympic Committee) X Seven46, to head the creative, I was to help bring the games to the French capital city, based on Paris’ vision, strategy and legacy. The sequence and flow of each slide in the 10-minutes, were just important, as it was to reflect Paris 2024’s brand, follow IOC’s messaging regulations, yet not be repetitive or lose the audience’s interest.

Consideration to visually balance the three speakers’ style, pace and points, needed to be easily understood, bold, engaging, and memorable, for Paris be elected successfully.





A Team You Can Trust

The future of the Olympic Movement presents Athletes and Olympians leading the bid like no-bid before, bringing unprecedented Games and major event hosting experience with a clear global vision of where the sport is heading.  With the first time, the bid being delivered Paris National Olympic Committee made up of athletes across the categories, the long-term interests of sport is truly at the heart of all we do.

9 of France’s most extraordinary key players — some are legends, some of them multi-time champion titleholders, one is the chief executive of Paris, all of them belong to Paris National Olympic Committee — to set the scene for Paris’ bid with the knowledge, experience and political support Paris holds in these Games.




Compact. Efficient. Tested. 

Everything starts with our incredible Games plan, which will transform central Paris into an Olympic Park into the best Games for Athletes. With 95 percent of the venues already in place within 10 kilometres of Paris, the city is ready to host the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

Based on actual timings from the Athletes Village to the various spectacular venues, each sporting categories, travel in real-time by demonstration with efficiently with precision, illustrating how compact the Games in Paris 2024 will be, as per Olympic Agenda 2020’s recommendation.

Each of the 40 categories had to be easily recognised immediately, and universally, so the “tokens” were individually created from the framework of the IOC’s Olympic updated icons. Attention to detail such as the grounds the sport would be played upon was carefully researched and made up the token’s base to give a sense of depth perspective. Main street routes, train lines and the River Seine was considered for each motion, then a straight line to make it more playful and give a true representation of how you could travel.

95% of venues existing or temporary
Two main zones – ‘Paris Centre’ and ‘Grand Paris’
22 sports within 10km of the Olympic village
85% of athletes within 30 minutes of their venue
90,000 hotel rooms within 10km of the city centre





The Most Spectacular Olympic Park Ever

Cities considering bidding for the Games are encouraged to place greater emphasis on the use of existing, temporary and demountable venues. Some of Paris’ most spectacular sites are transformed into stunning stages for sport, both iconic and inspirational the biggest ever celebration trail running along the banks of the Seine, is happening.

“We believe in sport. We believe that the Games are so much more than just entertainment. We believe sport can change the world. Paris is a global city…made for sharing.” – Anne Hidago Paris Mayor

Using rendered images executed with Cinemagraph technique with Adobe After Effects, these settings become transformed into a set of life-like moving postcards, you either would keep as memories of a lifetime or want to send and share the Paris Games to your friends with.

Not quite a photo, (and adhering the bid submission’s prohibition) not quite a video, the Cinemagraph scenes capture and hold our attention, giving the illusion the viewer is watching with the crowds, cars, people, lights, skies, water subtlety have motion that plays in disguise within the postcards, surprising the viewer as they play seamlessly. Positioned with chosen crafted items associated for “New Paris” and not stereotyped France.




The Best Ever Games for Athletes

The biggest tangible differentiation between the two bids are plans for the Olympic Village. Paris has proposed to build a “brand new Athletes’ Village, tailor made for the athletes,” centrally located and the key to an athlete-centred plan.

A superimposed render of how the village will provide a hosting experience and offer the incredible showcase for the sports. Offering solutions with no compromise on the field of play for the athletes while also meeting the needs of the city and region to ensure the Games leave a positive, long-term, sustainable legacy.




World’s Favourite Destination At Your Service

A gallery of modern and traditional Paris comes to life representing the city’s reputable strengths of ‘Art de Vivre’ (The Art of Living) and “Joie de vivre” (The Joy of Living) through Culture, cuisine, shopping and it’s hospitality and infrastructure of the world’s #1 tourist destination makes Paris the ideal city to host.

“The cities must refrain from any act or comment likely to tarnish the image of a rival city or be prejudicial to it. Any comparison with other cities is strictly forbidden.” – IOC Rules of Conduct for the Candidature Process, Olympic Games 2024

Having Paris previously hosted the 1900 Summer Olympics and the 1924 Summer Olympics. It was key to move away from outdated French clichés and draw attention to ‘New Paris’, refocusing how the French capital is now perceived.

Communicating areas; cuisine with popular instagrammable macarons, the notion of modern love with selfies being socially shared, fashion with attention to the front audience than haute couture, representation of the sport of the tour de France through a cafe window, art with the new Louis Vuitton Foundation museum promoting non-profit art and culture, set at different times, and pace for a playful refresh.




Most Sustainable Games

Paris 2024 is also about connecting with spirit of Parisians, and of a new Paris. Founded on culture of sharing progress and environmental leadership, there is promise of delivering the greenest Games in history. Plus 2024 will be the first Games aligned with Paris agreement of 55 percent reduction compared to London and Rio’s.

A reveal with a time-lapse created message, indicating on Paris to be the first to deliver on the Olympic Agenda 2020’s recommendation for Sustainability, with the greenest Games. With a nod for Paris partnering with benchmark organisations (Yunus Centre, UNICEF, WWF) to effect lasting social changes in France and abroad.





A Global Platform

Paris will also offer a unique worldwide stage. As a city that welcomes all people and inspires new thinking by celebrating difference and sharing experiences, building bridges, not walls. The spirit of Paris is the spirit of a new global generation, and one that is changing the world. It supports the “Olympism” values of making sport more accessible for everybody and fostering the Olympic Agenda 2020, with communication with the youth.

Hidden behind each illustration, Paris 2024 lets the youth of Paris enthusiastically speak out of what it means to them on the spirit of Paris.




Why Paris. Why Bid. Why Now. 

With complete support from sport and politics of our unique concept plan, Paris is a global city where Olympism was born, to transmit a ‘rebooted’ version into the future of the Games. We live in an era of questions about the point of sport, and the value of the Olympic Games. With sport’s legitimacy in doubt, especially in traditional IOC heartland of Europe, Paris has the vision to show the Olympic Games are much more than a sports event.

“All the players in civil society are united behind a project in the national interest. After four bids, Paris and France are stronger and more determined than ever. We are ready to share an Olympic Games that will stand out in history” – Tony Estanguet, Paris 2024 Bid co-Chair and three-time Olympic Champion

Ending the 10-minute presentation with an overview of Paris’ vision, using the familiar arrivals board. As the board flicks through, it lists vital arguments, of ‘why Paris’ to support the integration of ‘Olympism’




The Paris bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics was successful to bring the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad to the French capital city. The International Olympic Committee announced the news in Lima, Peru, and confirmed at the same time that the 2028 Games will be held in Los Angeles.

“Creativity and strong legacy focus.” – International Olympic Committee’s Evaluation Commission


Having previously played host in 1900 and 1924, Paris will become the second city to host the Olympics three times, after London (1908, 1948 and 2012). 2024 will mark the centenary of the Paris Games of 1924, and see the sixth Olympic Games hosted by France.

“The visual approach adopted really did push the boundaries of what has been seen before in these presentations, and it worked fantastically on the day. So positive comments were received on the day in Denmark.

A tough commission was delivered successfully – but that’s just half the story as the amount of work you all put in (overnight, over weekends, probably in the little sleep you had too!) was remarkable.

It’s really easy to say ‘We couldn’t have done this without you’ but, in this case, it is absolutely 100 per cent true. Paris 2024 would not have had the winning deck it did without you.” – N.Varley, Seven46





Concept Development

Motion Design / Storyboarding
Cinemagraph / Adobe After Effects
3D Modelling / Retouching / Adobe Photoshop
Brand Identity
MS PowerPoint Animation

Testing and finalisation of files
Delivery of file 2-4 weeks