At a time when athletics is being under interrogation, underlining IAAF’s vision to change, leading by encouraging young people interested in track and field. By identifying the audience’s current frame of mind, at a time of controversy and uncertainty, the 112-page publication was crafted, to reinforce the importance of having a governing body, and one that people can rely on again and trust. Vision for change, means, IAAF continues to inspire and commemorate the delivering of only the best. The direction is not to be safe and conservative on the side lines, but to make change, adapt, have key features shine, stand out, visually edgier, to give the voice to lead IAAF’s focus to bring out the finest in today’s young talent.




I enjoy statistics and along with sports, there are results, historical figures, leagues, measures, predictions, points and much more. The Global Spread I was given lists of numbers, and it was until I absorbed and analysed closely, that you find interesting patterns and understand that even though large countries that enter 40-60 participants in events, the outcome of the number of bronze, silver, gold medals brought home, may surprise and be worth considering why small islands would only have entered less than 5 athletes, but produced more medals, in ratio. Infographics when designed beautifully is to help us cut through all the numbers and data and give us insight, in a graphical way that anyone can look and interpret the facts. It allows us to question and make informative decisions, will these small islands next year, want to enter more, or the wealthier larger countries want to reassess their spending and usage?

Breaking Michael Johnson’s 17-year world record, new world 400M champion Wayde Van Niekerk, at only 23 years old, is only just at the beginning, of picking up more medals. I wanted to draw focus using a strong graphic, to what key for his success. The tight relationship with his mother, the devotion and respect as she made sacrifices during South Africa’s political situation is expressed in the tough love and surroundings that only made Niekerk become the strong athlete he is today. The angular lines, and gritty print style shows the committed path against challenges. The use of South Africa’s flag colours, was significant as the young athlete had never imagine participating in races internationally, let alone represent his country. The feature is warm and many anecdotes of how grounded his upbringing was to gain success with strength.

This third edition reflects on a great year, with features on world champions Ashton Eaton, Dafne Schippers, behind the scene interviews, in-depth coverage of the IAAF Diamond League, IAAF Championships Beijing, IAAF World Youth Championships Cali, IAAF World Cross Country Championships Guiyang, IAAF World Relays Bahamas 2015 and other IAAF series. 2015 has been a fantastic year in athletics. A fun pictorial look back at 2015 on the countless records being broken, I wanted to be remembered like snapshots of memories that made history, presenting information snippets that are easy on the reader. Each cut out, is made to feel like the sport is coming alive from the page, giving it depth and capturing the raw emotion.

The IAAF Diamond debate between commentators Tim Hutchings and Stuart Storey was playful with the editorial column grid, but made to feel as you do when you are watching the event, listening to each commentator taking turns to give their analysis, over a atmospheric background of cheering audiences and supporters. Creating a design, that marked how experienced Hutchings and Storey were, at every meet across the world, and including being accomplished medalists themselves.


Editorial Design
Art Direction